İngilizce 8 – Test 1

Bu Testteki Sorular (AÖL) 2014 – 1. Dönem Sınavından Alınmıştır

Soru 1
……. you heat iron, it expands.

A) by
B) of
C) up
D) if

Soru 2
The lesson was boring ……..…. some of the students fall asleep.

A) so
B) as
C) up
D) to

Soru 3
……..…. he came home, it was midnight.

A) As long as
B) As soon as
C) By the time
D) Until

Soru 4
I study hard ……..…. I want to be successful at school.

A) while
B) before
C) wherever
D) because

Soru 5
Water ……..…. if the temperature falls below zero.

A) rains
B) freezes
C) changes
D) works

Soru 6
If I ……..…. better, I would go to theatre with you.

A) touched
B) spoke
C) felt
D) thought

Soru 7
Spanish is ……..…. in Mexico and Spain.

A) spoken
B) talked
C) told
D) said

Soru 8
The window was ……..…. by the child.

A) hidden
B) beaten
C) broken
D) eaten

Soru 9
The door of the mall ……..…. at 10 o’clock every morning.

A) is opened
B) has opened
C) opens
D) had opened

Soru 10
This time tomorrow he ……..…. to South Africa.

A) flies
B) flew
C) has flown
D) will be flying

Soru 11
If I lived by the sea, I ……..…. fishing every day.

A) have gone
B) had gone
C) would go
D) will go

Soru 12
By 2015 we ……..…. married for 20 years.

A) are
B) have been
C) were
D) will have been

Soru 13
I ……..…. a test tomorrow at nine.

A) solve
B) will be solving
C) solved
D) have solved

Soru 14
She will have visited the pyramids by the end of …..…. .

A) last week
B) a month ago
C) next year
D) previous night

Soru 15
Don’t wait for us if ……..….

A) we are late.
B) she feels sick.
C) it rained a lot.
D) you had problems.

Soru 16
……..…. if you’re in need.

A) She gets good marks
B) You won’t get fat
C) He didn’t travel
D) I’ll help you

Soru 17
……..…., she would call all her friends.

A) If I were younger
B) If she had a mobile
C) If they had less money
D) If he stayed in this city

Soru 18
We would have played in the park if ……..….

A) we hadn’t seen the film before.
B) she didn’t fall down the stairs.
C) the weather had been nice.
D) it had rained all weekend.

Soru 19
If we had watched the news, ……..….

A) we would have heard about the accident.
B) she would get a job with a high salary.
C) they would not arrive at the meeting.
D) he would not have passed his exams.

Soru 20
“We sold the last computer an hour ago.” cümlesinin edilgen (passive) hâlini işaretleyiniz.

A) I bought the last computer an hour ago.
B) The last computer was sold an hour ago.
C) The last computer is sold in an hour.
D) They sold the last computer.

1. D 2. A 3. C 4. D 5. B 6. C 7. A 8. C 9. A 10. D 11. C 12. D 13. B 14. C 15. A 16. D 17. B 18. C 19. A 20. B